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I am an experienced web, CakePHP and Xojo application developer based in Plymouth, in the South West of England. Over 20 years experience in web and application programming as well as television and corporate video direction and editing. Read more »

Xero API PHP Integration Using a CakePHP 4 Component

I’ve recently completed a project that required integration with the online accounting software, Xero.

Xero provide a great PHP SDK, however when I was first developing this there were very few examples available of how to use this SDK. The documentation consisted of nothing beyond a simple definition for each class. I note this is improving now, however I thought I’d detail the way I approached the project and hopefully it will help others in the future.

Focusrite Scarlett Solo Headphone Fix

I have a Focusrite Scarlett Solo and overall it’s a great little USB audio interface. It’s neat, sounds good and works well. Mostly…

After a period of time it started to develop a fault. When listening through the headphone socket on the front of the device, the audio only played through one ear. However, if you pushed on the volume knob, the sound would come back through both channels again.

2021 - The Year Of The Blog

“That’s a nice new website you’ve got there… Be a shame if you didn’t do anything with it.”

OK, I know I’m over 20 years late to the blogging party and all the cool kids are using Instagram and Twitter now (probably). But I thought I should do something with my new, spruced up website, rather than let it lie fallow like the last one.

But what should I blog about?

New Year, New Website (again)

The Xmas break has finally given me some time to do something I’ve been trying to accomplish for a few years now.

Update my own website.

One thing about working as a developer full time is that your own website tends to be the last on the list to receive an update. There’s always client work that you should be doing! Also, sitting in front of a computer and working on yet another website is generally the last thing you want to do when you do find some time.

iRehearse Released

I’ve been working on a side project recently to help my guitar playing and also create some handy software at the same time. I’ve produced a guitar phrase trainer that allows all musicians (not only guitarists) to slow down music without changing the pitch, adjust the pitch without changing the tempo, and loop sections of a track so you can practice them easily.

New Website

Well I finally got around to updating my website, so I have a new look for the New Year. I’ve also arranged a phone number that I can forward to any land line or mobile phone in the world and even to Skype. It also gives me access to voicemail, so I should be contactable whenever and where ever I am.

Real Cornish Pasties

I’ve just finished a new website for Dashers Pasties Ltd, a Cornish pasty retail shop and wholesale supplier in Torpoint. The site was a design and build from the ground up, with the only stipulation being the text style of the company logo. The background system is WordPress so the client has full control over their website content.

Multilingual CMS

I’ve recently been involved in a project to create a multilingual website for a racing school in Worcestershire. The brief was to create an XHTML/CSS template from a pre-existing Photoshop design, and integrate it into a backend CMS system. There’s nothing unusual about that, however what made this project different was the requirement that the site and the back-end CMS system had to allow for multiple versions of each page to be stored for multiple languages.

Shortlisted for an Award

Little Chefs has been shortlisted for a Royal Television Society award. The award is for best regional entertainment programme and sees it going head to head with other productions from the Westcountry TV region. I’m really pleased it was nominated as it is the first time I have directed a full series of programmes for television.