2021 - The Year Of The Blog

“That’s a nice new website you’ve got there… Be a shame if you didn’t do anything with it.”

OK, I know I’m over 20 years late to the blogging party and all the cool kids are using Instagram and Twitter now (probably). But I thought I should do something with my new, spruced up website, rather than let it lie fallow like the last one.

But what should I blog about?

Don’t panic, I don’t plan to post lifestyle tips or what I’ve had for lunch. I’ll leave that to the pros. I also don’t plan to post too frequently, just more often than once every eight years.

Last year, it occurred to me that I spend a lot of time researching things on the Internet that don’t have any good or clear information available. Two such recent examples are:

  1. Xero PHP API integration. The SDK exists, but there is a lack of good example code.
  2. Repairing a Focusrite Scarlett Solo USB interface with only one working headphone channel. A common problem, if the number of online posts are anything to go by, but there are no definitive answers available.

For both of the above I have found solutions, so I thought it would be a good idea to post about them. Maybe I can save someone else a few hours of trial and error.

I’ll also likely post about things I think are interesting (others may disagree). For example, I’ve recently picked up a couple of old Amstrad CPC 464 8-bit computers. I used to have one as a child and it was my first introduction to programming. I’ve repaired them, serviced them and also modded them a little. So I may document that process. More as a memory for me, but someone else may also find it useful / interesting.

That’s the plan, let’s see how it pans out.

NB: I’ve never heard this song in my life. It was the first result when I searched for “that’s the plan”